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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Press links

Current ABCs (March 2017): Press Gazette.

ROUGHLY what % of NATIONAL DAILY circulation is accounted for by the Murdoch press?

Does ownership (ignored by GCP, PC, PCC and now IPSO) matter? Would it bother you if, say, Donald Trump or Marie Le Pen owned the biggest selling papers in your country, with no laws to prevent them from ensuring they represented their political views? Does it matter that Silvio Berlusconi attained a position of media dominance in Italy then political and legal dominance? Does it matter that Murdoch has successfully backed every election winning party for 40 years, and seems to get privileged access to the PM and government ministers in the UK? Maybe he should be allowed to make SkyNews into a political mouthpiece for right-wing ideology like Fox News in the US (not allowed under much stricter impartiality laws for TV enforced by OfCom - there is no equivalent for the press)? This opinion piece certainly thinks it does.

Do the web readership figures match the narrative of falling circulation? Does this suggest any more or less urgent need for regulation of OWNERSHIP, and/or to ensure PLURALISM?

What is the Editors' Code? Save a full copy for yourself. What does it have to say about children? What does it have to say about ownership? Advertising?
Do you think this is a sufficient basis for press regulation?

Have a look at rulings - any useful cases on children?

Now have a look for Guardian reports on IPSO and children - anything to add?


Monday, 15 May 2017

CIE Past exam papers

Your exam is similar to but not identical with the OCR (UK) syllabus it is based on, so there is value in also looking at those for further practice questions. You've only got 2015, 2016 and sample past papers so far from CIE as it is a new syllabus (the OCR started in 2008).

Below you can access these in two formats: first, the full past paper (sample, June 15, Nov 15, June 16) THEN screenshots of the questions only for Q1a+Q1b THEN for the Media regulation topic.

2015 JUNE: 1A Use of conventions       1B Representation
         NOV:  1A Research + Planning     1B Genre
2016 JUNE: 1A R+P/Creativity             1B Narrative
         NOV:  1A Digital tech/creativity   1B Audience
2017 JUNE: Use of conventions + Media Lang the most likely?

This is used to help teachers plan and prepare.

Monday, 1 May 2017

BBFC background and cases

Main blogging is on the MediaReg blog (BBFC tag), eg this overview post.
A new overview will be added.


Question: why is there is a separate 12A for cinema only (12 for DVD/Blu-Ray)? [BBFC guide]

Very student-friendly, and also intended to be highly parent friendly, this has details on every new rating, detailed explanations of the current ratings, and case studies on controversial rulings.
For now, visit the site and note:
  1. the names of each BBFC age rating
  2. the key differences between the 12/12A, 15 and 18 rating: focus on the issues of SEX, VIOLENCE, SWEARING